A picture is worth a thousand words. When you have a lot to say, sometimes visual media is the solution

    What is rich media?

    Simply put, rich media is an engaging form of content that uses video, audio and other forms of imagery instead of static images and text as a means of connecting.

    Pictures, videos, and infographics give you the opportunity to show audiences what you do, rather than just telling them. It delivers content to audiences in an engaging and concise format that is easily shareable through other digital platforms.

    Benefits of using rich media

    • Easy for your customers to consume
    • Engages your customers' emotions
    • Appeals to more senses than written content
    • Helps affirm your brand
    • Can be repurposed for written  and other visual content

    What we do

    As a full-service digital agency, we can help to generate the media that will bring a whole new look to the design of your website, and showcase the essence of your brand.

    Video marketing

    Video marketing, like any marketing effort, requires a strategy to get the best results. We will help you strategize the best types of video production that will appeal to your particular customer demographic.

    YouTube channel research

    We’ll review your YouTube channel to ensure that your brand is consistent and that you’ve got the right keywords, logo, and business information in place so that your audience can find and engage with you.

    YouTube video ads

    YouTube video ads are a powerful tool in the right hands. We can strategically place your ads where they’ll be seen by your target demographic.

    Place your video ad in front of your competitors’ videos? Priceless!


    Podcasts are another great way you can show your expertise and build your brand across a broad range of devices.

    Other reasons?

    • Not everyone will have the time or inclination to watch your videos and may prefer the convenience of listening to audio.
    • Some individuals are auditory learners, therefore they’ll retain the information you share much more easily through your auditory content.

    While you can choose to do a separate podcast you can also simply release the audio from your video content - saving you both time and money.

    E-books/white papers

    Just as your blogs, articles and other media strengthen your brand and position you as an industry expert, white papers and e-books offer a shareable resource that your target audience can use themselves and easily share with others.

    They also offer opportunities for you to compile a list of qualified leads for your business products and services.

    Interactive content

    Examples of interactive content include digital quizzes, interactive infographics, and scrolling parallax pages. Information received from this form of content can help you target your leads more effectively.

    In summary, each of these forms of rich media provides a similar advantage to your content creation strategy in that they offer high quality, shareable and engaging content that sets your business apart from the crowd.

    Ready to get started?

    Contact one of our content strategists right now and get started crafting the perfect video marketing strategy for your business.