Save time and money

    Today’s modern business environment is more mobile than ever. Even owners of sticks and bricks businesses spend a good deal of time away from the office.

    Why miss an important fax sitting in the carpool lane at your kids’ school when a virtual phone network ensures your business doesn’t miss a beat?

    And the best part? Your customers will never know the difference...


    You can start small and as you grow you can add more and more extensions to your existing network. There’s no need to buy more than what you’s completely customizable for your business.

    Also, each employee you add to your network has the option of recording their own greetings, messages and message delivery settings...just like a traditional business phone network but at a fraction of the cost.

    You won’t have to spend your resources on expensive hardware or software that needs to be updated and managed...everything you need to get started is already in the cloud.

    Why not get started today?

    How it works

    Calls are instantly routed to your mobile phone where you can choose between several options. You can:

    • let it go to your voicemail (sent to your inbox as an MP3 and/or a text)
    • answer it
    • forward it to someone else
    • screen it
    • hear the caller’s phone number
    • send it to voicemail
    • answer it

    For those times when you don’t want to receive any calls you can use an “away” greeting feature which will:

    • notify callers that you’re unavailable
    • give them an alternative way to reach your business (e.g. email)

    If you receive a fax it will be easily viewed in your email as an attachment.

    Other options allow you to set up local numbers, choose vanity and even toll-free numbers to present a polished, professional appearance.

    Callers will hear customized greetings and have the option to search a company directory for the person who can meet their needs. You even have the option of setting up background music and/or custom commercials for your customers to hear while they’re on hold!