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    Newsletter marketing should be a part of every business owner’s marketing strategy. It’s a proven means of connecting with both your current and potential customers.

    It also positions you as an expert in your industry, strengthens your brand and keeps it top of mind among your customers.

    What should my newsletter include?

    Above all else your newsletter should be informative...and if you can make it entertaining as well, you’ll have followers...and customers...over the long term.

    Some examples:

    • Case studies/success stories
      • A well-written case study that highlights how your product or service helped your customer.  It should emphasize why something was successful - this helps your prospective customer to visualize themselves achieving similar success by using your service or product.
    • Guest column
      • Interview an industry expert to provide content that your target audience can put to immediate use. Providing useful information to your newsletter subscribers will earn you their trust and encourage them to share what they’ve learned with others.
    • Blog recaps
      • If you’ve been blogging regularly you’ll have a lot of information on your website that your customers might have missed. Use your newsletter to refresh their memory of what you’ve written on particular topics.

    Newsletter services we offer:

    • marketing strategy with measurable goals
    • newsletter distribution
    • list management

    In short, a newsletter is a perfect way to start engaging with your audience, position yourself as an expert in your industry and inform your content marketing strategy by providing you key insights into what your customers want and need.

    Ready to get started?

    Contact one of our content strategists right now. We’ll put together a newsletter marketing strategy, begin distributing your newsletter and manage your list...leaving you more time to focus on growing your business.